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// Somehow I always imagine Wally meeting Loki and it’d be this…really hilarious scene. Like, Loki would stand up and try to use his ‘Lord’ voice on Wally, who just grins and is like “Neat, let me try!” And then Loki’d find himself minus helmet, staff and cape in a matter of seconds and when he turns around Wally’s sitting on the throne, chillin’ with his legs crossed and looking like a pimp. He’d give Loki this smug smirk and then say cheekily,

"You will kneel before me, peasant!" Wave the staff and while Loki’s between staring agape at Wally’s daring and becoming angrier by the second Wally’s just waving the staff obliviously and all: "Howwasthat? Wasitgood? Awesome,right? Dude, I should totally try out for Medieval Times!"

…..I have no life.

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